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Halal Cuts sources many of its ingredients locally and strives to maintain sustainable practices, giving customers peace of mind that they're supporting a business with a conscience.

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Halal Cuts prides itself on offering the freshest, highest-quality halal meats, which are carefully selected and prepared by our expert butchers.

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Halal Cuts offers two convenient options for our meat prep service: expertly cut and marinated meats ready for grilling or pre-grilled meats for ultimate convenience.

Discover the freshest, highest-quality halal meats at Halal Cuts' artisanal butcher shop.
Let me just start it by saying I have had steaks in places that will cost you well over 400 dollars, but this place beats those expensive restaurants by miles. It’s really reasonably priced. You won’t have to break your bank to get some good quality meat. All meat are halal and fresh. They will even cook the steak for you and serve you. The cooked steaks are full of flavor. The owner cooked it the way I wanted. Tasted better than any steaks I had.

They also have a good selection of freshly squeezed fruit drinks. Their dessert selection is also awesome. Very tasty dessert and refreshing drinks.

10/10 I will be back.

Saad Asif

Halal Cuts deserves way more recognition. Probably the best tacos we've had in Texas! We travelled 30 minutes to try this place and it was well worth it.

They have a huge selection of halal meat as well, both frozen and fresh. We had no problems with service and the girl who made our food was very pleasant and helpful!

We had 4 tacos - chicken, steak, brisket, birria - ALL are 10/10

Grilled chicken platter 10/10 - An absolute must try, charred and juicy and so flavorful. We were so satisfied! Great job Halal Cuts!

Fayruz Ali

Position, Company name

I’ve been hearing a lot about Halal cuts and I finally made the trip over there. The restaurant/butcher is set up really nicely.

I had halal Birria tacos in New York recently and had been craving them and was excited to find a local spot that serves them.

The afghani brother behind the counter was exceptionally kind and kept having us try samples of different things and everything  was really flavorful. We ordered Birria tacos, steak tacos and because it looked irresistible, the freshly marinated steak.

I would say the tacos were good, but the steak was extremely good and very juicy. Overall, the food was great, service was exceptional and the overall concept is very unique. Will be back!

Sunera Iqbal

We stopped by here last Saturday on our way back home and so glad we did. We each got the taco platter with a variety of different meats including chicken, ground beef, steak, and birria. I myself had the steak and birria, both of which were extremely juicy and flavorful.

The tacos were very filling with a good portion of meat, lettuce, cheese, and pico. I’d say the birria tacos were the most filling, and I wasn’t able to finish the last one (got 4). They’ve also got a selection of Mexican sodas that pair really well with the tacos.

What really surprised me was the delicious flavor of the rice and beans. To top it off, the service from the chef and owner was phenomenal. Overall, I highly recommend this place if you’re craving delicious tacos.Will definitely be back!

Adil Ahmed

I came for a week to Dallas and was craving some tacos. This spot was halal and kind of newish, so I wanted to try it!I ordered the following tacos:brisket beef taco - really yummy. Love the Smokey smell!!Birria taco - yummy and juicy!! My mom love this the most! Didn’t need any extra dipSmoked jerk chicken taco - this was okay, it’s specific to a personal taste. It has some sour pickle pieces in it that I didn’t like too much, but still not bad at all!I ate all these tacos cold sadly, I bet it tasted even better when it was hot.Next, my mother wanted to buy the NY steak cuts. The owner was really a cherry on top. He was so nice and kind. He is knowledgeable about cuts and how to cook it. I had to take the meat to the plane, so thankfully the owner air vacuum sealed it for us. We made the steaks a few weeks later and ate it, it was so freaking yummy!! Buy their cuts!!Lastly, got to try their little dessert. It was tasty. Not overly sweet which was great!!I’m sad I didn’t get to take pics of the meat and tacos, I ate them too quickly. Lol

Sunera Iqbal

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